Jaime Gomez Jr

Space Systems Engineer | Guidance, Navigation and Controls Engineer

About Me

I have experience in spacecraft mission operations, space systems engineering, requirements, verification and validation. I also have expertise in developing and validating scripts for on-orbit use and with preparation and delivery of technical briefings.


In 2021, I received a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

Technical Skills

My programming and scripting languages include C/C++, Matlab, Python, Bash, Perl, LaTex and HTML. I became familiar with Linux OS while having to interface certain scripts with the ground software, as well as understanding the basic structure of the OS. I am also comfortable with the Microsoft Office suite.


My experience is primarly concentrated in the space industry, where I was able to gain valuable insight while working for Northrop Grumman. While at Northrop Grumman, I performed in multiple roles starting from Systems engineer, to Mission Operations engineer, and finally ending my tenure as a Guidance, Navigation and Controls (GNC) engineer.

Beginning in May 2023, I transitioned to a Guidance, Navigation and Controls engineer. In this role I developed simulation scenarios to verify mission requirements, performed analysis on burns and verified vehicle attitude profiles. I also provided quick response for vehicle anomlies, worked on procedure and script development to accomplish mission activities and help improved daily operations. Lastly, I was integral in verification of mission planning generated products which was used to verify safe command sequences.

As a Mission Operations Engineer, I was part of a team which provided 24/7 support for mission operation. The type of support included helping triage, troubleshoot, and recover anomalous conditions of the vehicle. The type of operations included assessing the health and status of the space vehicle, monitoring and trending vehicle data, interfacing and consulting with various subsystems, and supporting mission readiness activities such as rehearsals, mission planning, and LEOPs. The team was also responsible for tracking vehicle configuration for both hardware and software. Vehicle configuration was accomplished by using Jira to keep track of changes, along with pushing changes through Git to track the development progress.

While working as a System engineer I was able to gain valuable knowledge of the verification and validation process. I worked in DOORs to create and update requirements, released technical documents for verification of requirements, and used Confluence to track mission system and subsystem requirements.


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